Transitioning can be a challenge. Luckily Natural Hair 007 is here to help!

TRANSITION is defined as a passage from one form, state, style, or place to another. As you journey on this passage to natural healthy vibrant hair,  remember this process will require faith and patience. I began my natural hair journey 4 years ago, after I began working for a natural hair salon in Atlanta. My journey was not as difficult  because I worked full-time in a natural hair salon and  had access to products, hydration services and I was educated on how to properly care for and maintain natural hair. That is what my website is all about! I strive to educate, motivate & inspire women during their journey.

Tips: During the transitioning period it is important to keep your hair moisturized. Dryness is the number cause of breakage. If you have access to a hydration machine, I highly recommend bi weekly steam hydration treatments, professional shampoo’s and conditioners and hot oil treatments .

Hydrate your hair from the inside out. Drink 8 glasses of water daily and eat a healthy diet. I would also suggest a daily multi vitamin.

Steam Hydration is a deep conditioning treatment. The steam swells the cuticle layer of the hair, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. This process leaves your hair easy to detangle and moisturized.

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